I just bought Treasure by Shawna Clymer with the intention of reborning and selling her. Now I have a problem. She’s so sweet and delicate, even blank, I have a feeling i’m not going to be able to part with her.’


She’s teeny, but precious.

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That is why I ordered 2 of her, one to sale and one to keep.

I’m thinking I might have to get another one 'cause I’m sure not parting with the one I have. She has totally won my heart.

My 2 treasures and Owen Frances is on their way to me, they should be delivered on Tuesday, I hope they get here on Monday though. I am can’t wait to get them.

@jeanhai did you ever get another treasure? How difficult was it to reborn her since she is so small. The smallest baby I have made up to this point is Leah and Lane.

I didn’t get another one yet. I hope I’ll be able to when I have more dolly dollars. I loved reborning her. She’s so dainty Because she’s so small, she was finished quickly. The hardest thing was her finger and toe nails. They’re miniscule.

I just checked the tracking on their package and they are in Denver already, so I am thinking they will be here tomorrow instead of Tuesday.

Owen Frances is perfect and Treasure is smaller than what I thought but she is adorable, now only if I can find the time to get her painted.