Traveling Internationally with Reborn

Crochet hook is totally fine…i had taken a trip to florida and didnt want to be bored on the flight so i brought a blanket i was knitting. I had no issues.


I was born in Scotland, where about are you going? I hope you have a wonderful time, is this your first time going there? I’m from Fife. It’s a Beautiful country.
I would take a few extra cable ties and samples of EVERYTHING that is inside your baby. If Customs wants to see what’s inside the doll you will have little samples of each thing for them to see without taking the doll apart. They usually swab them for explosives but I don’t think it is just alcohol as someone mentioned, I’ve had mine swabbed many times with NO ill effects.

I am going to visit my fiance’s family. They live in Cupar, Fife and yes it is a beautiful country. It is my third time. My fiance’s family really wanna see the reborns and my fiance wants me to really bring one now.

And yes, I plan on bringing glass beads with the label and some cotton. (I do not have any polyfil, but I do have cotton which is comparable). I did not make or assemble any of my dolls, but I sew and crochet stuffed animals and cotton is all I personally have.

there’s some type of pass offered. I honestly can’t remember how or what it’s called. You get to skip the TSA full “inspection” My husband and i were both flying and we had one with our ticket. So he coasted thru, however they inspected me. No dolls in tow. Things could have changed. This was a couple yrs ago.

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Hello everyone,

As an update, I passed TSA with 3 reborns. It was very funny.

One agent screamed when he opened the bag. He said he saw the face of a child and screamed. Then he called his trainees and said this is some of the weird stuff they may run into.

He instructed them how to feel them and do the strip test on them. He just patted them down without taking them out. The toddler they wanted me to take him out since he was bigger and didn’t want to damage him.

Then another agent saw them and called over other agents. The took them out and cooed or held them or ran away and had so much fun, taking pictures and stuff. They saw how they saw them on tv and couldn’t believe how they were in person. Wish I could had gotten a pic or film.

Then they asked for their names.

They were set off cause it showed up as green on their screen as an organic compound. I had their receipts on them and the glass beads and polyfil in bags with labels. One must had had baby fat or something in her since they said it was something else but she passed.


Sound like lots of fun, my be not so much for you but for TSA! :rofl: