Tragedy struck

Ok maybe tragedy is a strong word considering everything else going on in the world. But I’m so upset! I’ve put so much work into my Lovelyn kit and was really happy with how she was turning out. I pulled her out of the oven and her little round head went rolling right out of the pan and rolled around on the hot metal grates! Now she has multiple grate marks, of course on her face and side of her head, it would be too much to ask for them to be somewhere I could cover with hair! I’ve tried thick medium texture, multiple mottling layers and they just won’t let me hide them. They don’t show up well in my phone but trust me in person they are glaring. They are way too long to make into scratches. Ugh literally hundreds of cheap kits and it has to happen with my expensive LDC softline, I’m frustrated!


I’d be upset too. :frowning:

If they’re not really deep try gently sanding a small one down with a nail file.

Oh, no! Not sure if you will be able to fix it or have to sell as a boo-boo.:disappointed: I use a roasting pan and have the towel going up the sides.

I use air dry so there’s no chance of this ever happening. I’d be just sick.

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Sorry to hear this happened.

Alternative or Baby with a scar or two. I don’t think it’s too bad. It is just time to think outside the box!