Torsos question

@bbsupport @EmilyBB Has BB considered selling just the Harper Torso and making a girl version of it as well? I would like to see if that torso would fit some of the other Realborn babies the same size. I was thinking maybe Summer Rain could fit it? I don’t want to buy the whole kit to find out. It would be really nice to have a couple options of full viny torsos that could be used on the other kits.


Yes! That would be GREAT!

The girl version of the torso is Angel’s but yes that would be great.

Ugh, yes. Absolutely! I’d stock up fast! Full bodies sell really well.
I’ve been thinking about buying Maggie. Just for the torso. I’m just not that fond of the faces of any of the full body kits.

Yes, they had Harper torso for sale . I have one and I remember buying it just the torso

I used Kate’s head with the full body. I just compared neck size and head circumference.

That would be wonderful!!