Иглы для бровей

Hi, I need some advice!

I don’t have 43 fork needles for eyebrow rooting.
Tell me, how can I replace this needle?

Very few people root eyebrows, most people paint them.

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Спасибо, мне кажется, с бровями из волос будет реалистичнее, мне бы хотелось укоренить , только какой иглой?Посоветуйте

Так мне кажется будет реалистично


I used google translator:

Thank you, it seems to me that with eyebrows from hair it will be more realistic, I would like to root, only with a needle?

So it seems to me to be realistic


Sometimes it does look more realistic but it has to be glued down on the out side so it doesnt stick up and be bushy once done.
Kim at custom doll baby on youtube roots some added to painted brows and it looks great.
The first 2 videos at this link


Google translator did well. It’s exactly what she wrote!:+1: