Took the plunge

I haven’t done a doll in a WHILE, but I miss it so badly!! Money’s tight, and I keep putting it off, but today, when I got the message about the bodies being on sale, and saw that Holly was only 14 dollars and something, I had to take the bait, lol. She’s seconds, but I’ve had seconds before and they seem flawless to me…here’s hoping this is the case this time!! Anyways, I’m excited, but I’m nervous, cause I was getting pretty good at it, but it’s been so loooooong…hope reborning is like riding a bike, lol. We shall see!!!

Post pics
I’m actually better and hadn’t done one in three years so you never know

— Begin quote from “tiffsberry2”

That’s awesome but gggrrrrrrr I just ordered yesterday and paid the19.95 price

— End quote

eww!! I’ve had that happen to me several times in the past too!!! I HATE THAT!!