Took a break

It’s been a while since I got on here, I took a long break!
After graduating school I was working at a special effects studio in the city and was still working on reborns but didn’t have much of any time. Then the writer’s strike took my job and to be honest, I felt very burnt out. I didn’t have the motivation to work on dolls or much of anything creative for a while. In addition to the lack of motivation, I moved to a smaller apartment with much less room, and certainly no space for my nuwave, so I was only rooting or working on silicones.
Since then I’ve gone back to teaching daycare and feel much more of a drive to create again. I was also struggling health-wise for a while and seeing a lot of different doctors but we’ve finally figured out that I have a genetic condition and work from there. I’ve been getting a lot of support from friends and family, but any prayers are still appreciated!
I’m a bit nervous to get back into the reborning game since I was having trouble with getting dolls to sell (as most everyone has been lately) but want to get started painting again! Thankfully next month I move into a new apartment by myself where I’ll have a craft room with plenty of space for a reborning station, a sewing desk, and more!
I feel like I’ve missed a lot while I’ve stepped away from reborning so hopefully it doesn’t take me long to get back up to speed!
Glad to be back🥰


Hope you feel better and can get some rest, and then create some dollies.

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Glad you are able to restart.


Sending up some prayers for you! Just relax and enjoy.


Welcome back!