Too real?

I went to the Affair of the Heart craft show in Oklahoma City with my BB Robin doll,and people commented on how pretty my baby was and asked me how old she was. When I told them that she was a doll, several people woudn’t believe that she wasn’t a real baby until they touched her.(she was very cold, even with a blanket.) I got several ,“it’s freaky, she looks too real .” I gave out 7 business cards. I had a blast! Is there such a thing as too real?

sounds like fun and real is what everyone is striding for:))

— Begin quote from “stonehillnursery”

LOL, you better get use to it… yes I get that at my little store at the market very often, I realized that people either love them or hate them, is no middle grown…

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Same here. Either people wanna cuddle them or keep them away at all costs.

The worst of all is when you have a group of people completely “in love” with the baby and a party-pooper comes to say: “It looks like a dead baby, I don’t like this type of stuff” and, all of a sudden, the other people start to “think it over”…

I think too real is the ULTIMATE compliment, lol. Even if they are totally freaked out and don’t mean it as one. When someone says that about one of mine, whether they’re gasping in shock, or smiling and cooing at it, I just love it!!!

I am so glad that I’m not the only one who takes my dolls out. My son (who’s 14) doesn’t like for me to, he said it takes too long to walk around because we always get stopped by people looking at the baby. I get the comments that are negative, but a lot more of them are positive.