Too orange? Opinions needed

I thought I was done and then took my heads outside and they seemed to have turned into oompa loompas. Inside under my Otte light they look perfect…now I don’t know…what do you think? Realborn Brooklyn, Rebecca, and June.


Pictures taken with my iphone 5

Even outside they still don’t orange too me.

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I think they look fine.

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A thin layer of blue- blue green.

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I like the way they look in the second picture better than the first. The skin looks a little fair and the red is a bigger contrast. I don’t feel like they are orange looking. Not sure which picture looks more true. If they are more like the second picture I would leave the, they are perfect. If they are more like the first I would do another wash just so the undertone is a bit darker, but I don’t see too much orange. They’re beautiful.


Thanks-- they are more like the second picture IMO. I am done and happy with them- I think. Up against my other dolls they look colour correct too.

You do great lips and eyelids.

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Thank you!

They’re beautiful! I like the 2nd picture… mainly because mine look like that outside also, And lighter inside under the led lights. :slight_smile:


I prefer the bottom pic so I think you’re good! :+1: can’t wait to see finished babes!

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Ott lights seem to drain the peach/flesh tones out of a baby…I think your babies look great!!!

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In the second picture they look to have the peaches and cream complexion…I think they are lovely!!! I tend to make my babies more of a strawberries and cream complexion.

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I think they look pretty.

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