Too many new kits

Cassie Brace has 6 new kits coming out and I want every single one of them. And then there’s Kodi by Laura Tuzio Ross-must have for me. I guess I just have to stop looking. lol


Yep, I’m trying to paint as I purchase so my stash doesn’t get any bigger, but it’s really hard to paint as fast as they are coming out.

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It’s not hard to paint fast for me, it’s hard to sell fast. Babies are accumulated…I wish I could bought all thoses new kits.


Yep. They are making them faster than we can keep up. Only plus I see is that the sculptors will need to start expanding their prototype artist lists. You can’t tell me the the dozen or so prototype artists are going to be able to keep up with all the sculpts that are coming out.


YES, stop looking J, you have to save your money for ROSE!! @jeanhai