Tonya R. Trapple

Hi, I am Tonya R. Trapple I am New to Forums So any tips will be greatly appreciate! The name of my Nursery is Trapple’s Tender Tots my user name is trapple575 THANKS

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Welcome to this forum .

Thank you!!

Thanks everyone!!

Welcome to BB, Tonya!! : ) I think you’ll enjoy it here… everyone is so sweet and kind : )

Thanks !! I have tried other forums and no one ever even said Hi !! Everyone her has been GREAT !! Thanks agian

Thanks Teri ! I really like this forum. I can’t wait til the new babies are here!!!

Thanks Connie!! I really like it here!! Do you make the crochet pacifiers?

Hi Tonya,
Welcome! Your babies are beautiful…hope to get to know you better!

Thanks Denise!! I can’t wait to get to know you to !!

Thanks Tine, I do love it here!!! can’t wait to get to know every one.

Welcome, Tonya! This forum tends to get really quiet but have patience and your questions will be answered.

Thanks, I am sure I will have lots of questions!!

Hey Tonya, I remember you from the old BB forum! Nice to see you back!

LOL! The forum is a mess - Tonya’s last post was from August 2010! Probably showed up under the threads you were responding to and you just kept on going and going and going!

LMBO! Well that explains it! I was wondering why she was posting like such a newbie! I didn’t notice the date! Bwahahaha!

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