Tomorrow is a big day!

I will be teaching a local reborn doll painting class with RebornFX Air Dry Paints!
Today my friend Michelle Hagins and I primed 8 kits! We got the sample bubbas packed up and the supplies all ready to go! Wish me well folks and say a prayer too if you can that all will go well for these excited ladies!


Oh fun! I wish I was close enough! I have reborn FX but don’t know what I am doing :wink:


Omg. Have fun. I wish I could take that class.

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You will be a wonderful instructor! Take pictures!


Goodluck @anjsmiles I wish I lived there so I could be part of it :heart_eyes:

Ooooh, wish I could be there!
Looks like loads of fun, good luck!

I can’t wait to hear about y’alls day!! I hope you were able to get lots of pics :grinning:

I think the class went well and everyone seemed to have a good time. I was just so exhausted when I got home that I parked myself in the recliner and there I stayed so the photos are yet to be uploaded and edited. I will get them up for your viewing tomorrow morning!