Tommy's going on

Tommy was made from the Priscilla sculpt by Marianne Smith. Considering the fact that he was behind the door when the cuteness was passed out, and in spite of the fact that I had to do a little tweaking (okay, a lot), I think he actually turned out, almost, kinda cute.


Pictures!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:kiss::kiss::kiss:

LoL. I wasn’t familiar with the sculpt, so had to go look it up. I actually think it’s cute, but I tend to like the babies that don’t look like every other sculpt. I also happen to be partial to the preemies and micros…so I’m no help :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Do you have a photo of your little Tommy?


I’m having trouble getting the picture to load. I’ll keep trying. I’m doing this on my phone and I’m not seeing any way to upload. I don’t know why.I’ve done it before. Can anybody help me?

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OMG I have all kinds of trouble using this site on my phone. For some reason it doesn’t format correctly so when it opens the reply window all of the buttons across the top (uploading, links, smileys,etc) are all missing. It also makes the reply bar float in the middle of my screen and I can scroll up or down to read posts. Sounds silly, but if I turn my phone to landscape (just turn the phone sideways) then the window expands and I can see the buttons. Scrolling is still wacky, but at least I can type a message.

I had no trouble uploading to He’s in Snuggleuns Nursery if anyone wants to see him. I give up. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m going to visit him now!

Oh I think he’s adorable. I know you said he lacks on cuteness, but I have to disagree. I REALLY like that sculpt and what you’ve done with it is beautiful. The little micro babies are difficult (but sooo much fun) to reborn because the details have to be so much smaller. Sometimes the sponges are bigger than their whole face lol. You’ve brought him to life beautifully!

He is super cute!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

It must be me. He kind of grew on me. He’s not a beautiful baby by any stretch of the imagination, but everyone who has seen him thinks he’s really cute. Maybe he’ll sell quickly.


I bet he will!!!