Tommy and Jewls by Sandy Faber

I really can’t seem to see a difference between Jewls and Tommy by Sandy Faber, If anyone has seen them can you tell me what the difference is. Also I am looking to buy a kit for either one of them if anyone has one to sell please let me know.

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The jewels has dimples at the side of her mouth and a dimple in the cheek that Tommy doesn’t have. Otherwise they are pretty much the same sculpt, IMO. I see a lot of sculpts that look almost identical that someone else has just tweaked a little bit, like, made the lip thicker, or turned up a little etc. It drives me nuts. Another thing that bugs me is when a sculpt comes out that is really cute (say a smiler) and the next thing you know there is a bunch of kits that have almost the exact same look, or at least the feature that is the focal point. It’s like if somebody is making money on a sculpt that looks a particular way then everyone wants in on the same look!! Guess you can’t blame them, but it bugs me a bit!!

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They are similar. I made a side by side collage so you can see better. (Images from Google then I re-added their nursery names cause they got cut off…)

Thanks jlesser it looks like jewls mouth is bigger.

To me they look the same. I think the painting has a lot to do with the size of the mouth and if you look at where they added the dimples along the creases and on the cheek it gives a different effect. I think the mouth looks bigger cause of the colors that are used. The mouth on Jewels is darker, lips included. Top lip is painted higher, bottom lip is painted a little more off to the left etc,.
But if you look at the sculpt itself everything looks the same, look at the creases on the eyes (top and bottom) the are exactly the same but painted different, this give a totally different look. Chin is the same. It so looks to me like they just added dimples around the mouth and cheek. JMO, looks like Tommy tweaked to me. Just saying!!

Thanks Lynn