Toddler weight

HAppy Saturday ladies!!! :grinning:how much Does a reborn toddler weigh?

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I have never done a toddler but I suppose it would depend on the size of the toddler. Some of them are bigger than others.

I weighted mine at 10 pounds. More than that, and the shipping would have been too high. Ten pounds felt pretty heavy to me when I lifted her up.


I believe that my Tibby was 12 ibs and yes, the shipping was outrageous, LOL!

I weight my toddlers around 8-9 lbs because they feel heavier than that and shipping is ridiculous!

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Same as the ladies above …around 10 pounds…more than that breaks my back trying to photograph the little rascals and definitely increases the postage…It is ‘dead weight’ anyway so they feel heavier. :anguished:

I think Tibby came in at 12 just because she was so darn large! That is a big sculpt. I’d never do another Tibby, for many reasons, but partly because she takes up too much space. (So I’m doing Lena and Katie-Marie who are both huge…go figure…)

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i jsut sent out a heavier 24 inch baby i weighted her at 8lbs and i shipped her in a regional class c priority box only cost me 13 dollars to ship her and her new mommy got her in three days i mailed her on a thursday she got her on saturday