Toddler Samara looking for her mommy

This little girl is pouting because she has not found her mommy yet. please welcome little Samara

Thanks alot… I love doint this one as an aa baby it just so suits it…

Thanks so much.


LOL thanks so much guys… I love this kit… I cant wait to do another one I have arriving soon… I may end up doing a couple for the NC show…

Thanks alot.

Lisa - that is an amazingly beautiful little girl. Great job!

Thanks so much ladies… The only mohair I use is from Angela. This is her web address… You can order the amount of curl, and the color.

She is gorgeous Lisa! Why don’t I just send you my blank kit and you send me that baby? Ha ha ha!

LOL will do if you want to pay for work…lol… I have one woman paying me to paint and root hers…

I enjoy painting and I am looking forward to painting mine. Rooting is a whole other story! I hate that!
I can’t afford to send them out to be rooted though so I just have to trudge my way through it I guess.

LOL well i put this post up if it helps…lol I have several i have done and doing…


That’s a great deal but I don’t have any of those kits on hand. I sold about all I have lately to try to pay off my silicone that is on lay away.

lol well I tried… I have been trying to help artist all I can…