Toddler legs

When the toddlers were first being introduced and before they were actually available for purchase I was under the impression…and please correct me if I am wrong here…that after they were on the market we would be able to purchase different legs for them in case we wanted to switch them out. Like from straight to bent etc. depending on where we wished to display them.
If, my memory was right, when will those extra legs become available? I wish to display mine standing at Christmas and then be able to have them seated around a little table at other times. Will I be able to purchase extra limbs soon?
Thanks so much

Dianne, that’s my understanding, too. I was able to purchase 26" toddler legs quite a while back. Probably when they quads first came out.

Ok…then I must have mis remembered. BUT I did buy legs for the smaller quad babies (Ladybug and crew) just 2 weeks ago. They have come and gone on the second list and on the first for that matter. The arms have been almost consistently available.

I think I will write BB…I was hoping they would pick this note up…but they did not. The ability to make two sets of legs for each toddler is very appealing to me. that makes displaying them totally unlimited.

Thanks for your help.