Toddler hair-- mapping and rooting, oh my!

I might be crazy (okay, probably am!) in wanting to attempt to root hair into Tibby’s massive noggin.

But would mapping the hair be the same? or once kiddos get past the baby stage into toddlerhood is it different? (If that makes sense.)

I like to preplan, which is why I’m asking before the hair I ordered arrives.

I mapped my Tibby somewhat but not as much as my newborns. Because her head is so big, I wanted to do smaller areas so I could alternate opposite sections on her head so I could take a break when I needed to. When I stop, I tend to lose my rhythm and it can be not exactly the same when I return to it. Tibby was my first toddler. It took me 40 hours to root her. Her head is big but it’s really about the same as rooting two 22 inch newborns.


Did you do the whole “classic swirl” in the back? or is that more of a newborn thing?

Sorry for so many questions. Tibby is my first toddler and she’s going to be for me, I think… at least at this point that’s my intention.

I did not do a swirl. I started rooting at the center back, going back and forth between the two sides until I got to her ears. Then I did the temples and the front hairline. Once I had about a half inch of hair all around, I just kept working in a circular pattern, from the center back, ending at the crown. I found it helpful to put a wide headband around the hair that was done, pulling it down far enough to see the edge of the last section, to keep it from tangling or getting in the way.


Great tips @jeanhai :heart:

Many adults still have a swirl. Just a matter of preference

If she’ll have short hair then a swirl would be visible but if the hair is longer then the weight kinda “pulls” the hair down so it doesn’t show a swirl clearly in a real baby. My nephews are 5,2.5 and 1.5 and all have clear swirls because they have short hair. My niece is almost 4 and has no clear swirl because her hair is long. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Just a bit of a swirl on my toddler

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Very pretty! Gives me lots of ideas. :slight_smile: