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Hey all. I’m not certain this exists but it’s someone my aunt really has her :heart: set on. No matter what lol. My aunt just asked if anyone can make a toddler full sil girl for her. About 28-33”??

I lol’d with her because I told her such a thing may not exist in a mold. But I also promised I’d come here and ask on her behalf and out of my cheer curiosity.

So does anyone know of a creator who does or can or is willing to do a full sil toddler with rooted hair and armertures? -how do you spell that lol. Sorry

Thanks for any update and information ladies -and gentlemen who may be here lol

I’ve never seen them around. I’d assume a full silicone toddler would be very heavy!

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There are some beautiful 28-33" toddler vinyl dolls but I’ve never seen a full silicone one. A child size, full silicone, rooted with armature would not only cost a fortune, it would weigh a lot. Newborn rooted full silicones can run as high as $25,000.


I know that someone did have a 26 inch silicone toddler here some time ago … it didn’t turn out terribly well, I think? It was extremely heavy and not at all posable, and since silicone can’t hold itself up, the toddler couldn’t sit up or anything like that. It also couldn’t really be carried, if not due to the weight alone, because the risk of the limbs tearing from the weight was so high.


Melissa McCrory has some silicone toddlers. You can find her on Facebook.

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@EnchantedOrphanage Lol I think ajdnsaid so too BITCHIN’ she is convinced that’s what she wants and she’s paying for it so :woman_shrugging:t5:Lol

@jeanhai hey yes I know. If I can find one that stands I think I can talk her into a vinyl. Long as it’s curly and she can “walk” her that’s what she wants.

@beck. Yes. Thank you. I tried telling her even with armertures (??:woman_shrugging:t5:Spelling lol) it may not hold up well

@CortneeLLRN Thank you Chica I’ll send that Info to my aunt now lol. And hopefully it all turns out the way that she wants or we can find a vinyl that she likes and can walk rofl. Love my aunt

Thank you lovelies for the advice and insight!!:fairy:t4:‍♀:fairy:t4:‍♀

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Also has anyone heard of a site called funfloud? It came up when I searched Melissa for my aunt. Just wanted to check on legitimacy Thanks.

That’s a scam website.
They stole the pictures and none of their dolls are silicone. They’ll send a very crappy vinyl doll, if you get anything at all.
They’re are many of them around


@EnchantedOrphanage thank you for the heads up. I was like them prices nah lol. So I had to ask


Good thing you asked! Those prices are indeed too good to be true.


@EnchantedOrphanage Lol heck yea. My daughter was like get it but I part hers with my money. Lol. I have to triple check before purchasing :rofl:

So I have a question. What else is new lol. Ok so are all McCrory dolls Just unpainted kits for tabbies and toddlers?

This cake up under her name on this website

No that site only sells blank kits. You will need to contact Melissa directly.

Here is her personal page: You’re Temporarily Blocked

And her business page:

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@CortneeLLRN thank you so helpful always. Book and marked lol