Today is 1 year for me!

Today is my 1 year anniversary for making BABIES!!! Reborn babies that is  It is hard to believe it has been only a year and it is already such a huge part of my life!!! My very first baby was a Kaya kit and the moment I finished her and was able to see my hard work as a finished product I was hooked I knew I had found my dream job…. I have been so so lucky this year to have amazing customers and to do so many amazing kits… I feel I have improved so much from my first couple babies and look forward to seeing what I can learn in the year to come… Thank You so much everyone for all the wonderful support and help throughout my first year I still have so much to learn and I am so very thankful to all the wonderful artists out there that are willing to give helpful hints …

here is a collage of some of my babies there are SOOOO many Missing!! if I have time later I plan on making a nice with maybe laid out in some what of a time frame!!!

Seriously haveing problems!!! I can not get any of my pics to upload on here lately!!! … llage5.jpg this is the link

Congrats on 1 great year!

Congratulations!!! It is so much fun my one year mark is next month!!!

Thank you so much ladies!! I have had a funk fro the last 2 days I really need to root a couple heads!!! ahhhh I wish I could just paint all the time I need to teach my daughters to root so I can just paint hehehe