Today i recieved June Awake

I open the box and look at the kit and wow she is sooooo biggggg :crazy_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got mine 2 days ago! And absolutely! She’s HUGE especially compared to my other kits. I’m so looking forward to painting her though.


She is a big one- I think I used 9-12 month or maybe 12 month clothes on her. I can’t wait to see how you paint yours. So many have came across pictures of my two Junes I painted a few years ago that about every 6 months or so I am asked if I am going to paint her again. So I am painting her for a third time and she is almost ready for hair.

Was she on sale the other day? If so, I missed out. I had been waiting tor her to go on sale.

I am a little bit nervoud that i will ruin the kit sometimes i have trouble with blush the feet and hands
The paint won’t stick on the vinyl by some kits :cry:
And i never paint one as big as here :blush:

I got here a few weeks back she was on sale ,but i never do again couse with the fees we most pay here i came over 100,00 euro also

I have that trouble too with feet and hands sometimes. My June that I am working on took the paint OK, but she has a large air bubble in the vinyl in her head. Be sure to check for that before you start baking in case yours has one too.

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