To protect your sales from all the crazies!

Ok ladies. I am seeing some truly heartbreaking things happen to your hard hard work. I know how much money, time, and care we put into our kits. So many of you have had such sad stories of selling and having someone destroy a doll in hopes of getting refunded and marring your name. Its one of the reasons i havent sold many dolls. It scares me. I am wondering, if to protect yourself you should take a “packing” video including showing you seal the box with tape. Then if you have an issue it shows every step of the ORIGINAL condition doll being packed and shows the care you take. Its the only thing i can think to protect yourself fully from these nut jobs. I am so sorry to hear of all these terrible things happening!


That’s what I will do from now on! :grin::grin::grin:

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I always take photos of babies right when shipping. Unfortunately paypal says they will not look at them,as photos can be doctored. Perhaps they look differently at videos?

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I’ve heard they won’t look at videos, either, because you could open and re-package after shooting the video. :confused:


This is what I thought. Shame. What the heck is a gal to do, then?? I feel like once you sell something that should be that as long as the photos used to present the item were unaltered and showed the item accurately. I hate disappointment and there are lots of times when sellers are dishonest with photos and descriptions but it’s not FAIR when there are also many dishonest buyers that destroy dolls then demand a refund and the seller has to cough up the money and take back the messed up doll. Ugh!! :triumph:


Maybe encourage customers to do box openings without telling thwm its also for your protection? Idk. Its a shame

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