To our Florida friends

Stay safe. I’m praying for you.


Hanging out with no power currently. Just super strong winds and some rain here where I’m at.

Earlier before we lost power :joy:


Lost power at 5pm last night. I got absolutely no sleep. Too dark, too quiet, too stuffy and too much rain beating against the windows. If that was a Cat 1, I’d hate to go through anything stronger :cold_sweat:Hope our power is restored today.


Prayers for you all! My brother who lives in Seminole said he got lots of rain and wind and his power flickerd but when I went to bed last night he still had power.


Prayers for all of you.


Hope all is well!


I was thinking about you all day yesterday. Glad you are safe, you have some scary weather conditions there, stay safe my friend.


We had very strong winds, lots of debre today. Some flooding. It was definitely a powerful hurricane. I hope everyone is ok.


Power restored a couple hours ago! YAY! Hot showers and A/C…soooo, so grateful. I will defintely sleep tonight!

There are lots of trees down, roofs damaged, and farther south so many lost their homes. Very thankful to have fared as well as we did in our area.


Karen, what area are you in? Mandy was without power, wonder if she has it now? I think she is near Daytona Beach? not sure. Hope she’s ok also. I watched it all day yesterday on TV and I can’t imagine how horrifying it must be to live around somesthing so powerful. My heart just hurts for all the people who come back home and have to see all the destruction to their property. I’ll pray for EVERYONE. .

I’m in Lakeland, between Tampa and Orlando

How bad was it for you Karen? I assume you have power? Did your property sustain any damage? I can’t believe the destruction; it’s going to take a really long time to get that state put back together again. Glad you’re safe.

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Our power was restored at 7pm Thursday night, so we only had 26 hours without. My brother’s power was restored last night at 8pm; his son still is without power. We all live within 15 minutes of each other ~ they both have generators, but our little community doesn’t allow them since we are renters and for good reason, apparently…right after our power came back on, 7 firetrucks went screaming by ~ someone had a generator, cooking supper and literally set fire to the place and several other apartments when the thing exploded because they obviously didn’t know how to operate it. There always has to be that one rule breaker who thinks they’ll get away with something, I guess.

Other than some trees uprooted and debris all over the area we were spared, fortunately. When our cable service came back and we were able to watch the news yesterday, it felt like looking at a war zone. My heart goes out to all who lost their homes and literally everything they owned, and those who lost loved ones ~ things can be replaced, but to lose family members would be the ultimate devastation. There are lots of people who are now displaced, looking for housing in a place where housing is hard to find anyway. I’m wondering how the homeless people are, what happens to them.

Being warned for 2 weeks that this hurricane was coming, we felt well prepared…flashlights, ice, batteries, phones charged, food we could eat if the power went out, etc. Not knowing exactly where it was going to make landfall and which route it would take afterward was nerve wracking, especially when things kept changing. It hit our area around 10pm and moving at just 8mph, sat here and pounded us till 2am. I heard the last big gust at 4:34am, and knew it was over. They said it was a Cat 1 by the time it hit here, so if that was a Cat 1, I can’t even image going through anything stronger and being from Nebraska, I’ve been through a few tornadoes. The thing about a tornado is, no, you don’t get a lot of warning, but most people have basements and can at least hope to survive but Florida doesn’t have basements. We were here for hurricane Irma 5 yrs ago, but this one was worse.

Very thankful my family is safe. So many people dealing with devastating losses.

Editing to add just one example of the aftermath, this is Fort Myers Beach ~

Unbelievable. My heart hurts for all the people affected.

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My heart goes out to all affected by the hurricane. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through a hurricane.

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