To mottle or not to mottle to start? Using air dry

Hi there everyone! I was wondering for those who use air dry paints like me, after priming, can you start with mottle on the vinyl or is it better to do washes/base layers? I’ve seen some who use Genesis do mottling layers first but I didn’t know if you can only do that with Genesis or if you can do that with air dry paints too?

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I find that if I put a few washes first the mottling is less likely to bead. Otherwise there is no specific order you can do the different steps.


I also put on a wash or two first, it seems to help the rest of the paint stick better.


I prime, then do mottling, veins and creases before anything else.


I prime and then start with creases, then blushing, then mottling, then washes, then small details like veins and nails.

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