To bountiful baby

I am in need of some advise on storing my beautiful babies. I have ahem several kits and I was reading on a friends post in another forum that she thought mold was growing on her kits. Is there a proper way to store my kits until I am ready to use them? I have them in clear plastic shoe boxes and stacked mo more than 3 high in shelves. I have gone and taken the original plastic bags off them. Should they be where no light should get to them? Should air circulate? Should I wrap them in paper towels? Help now I am worried.

Hum ty I have not seen the big ones you spoke of.

I bought a thing online that has crystals in it that change color as it absorbs moisture for my closet just to help a little. When the crystals turn purple, you plug it in to dry the crystals out. But if the kits are in plastic boxes, that probably won’t help. I don’t think you will have a problem unless they are in an area that other things get moldy in. If your shoes aren’t moldy, then your kits probably won’t get moldy. Mold is going to be present more in porous materials like cloth or books. My closet got moldy because I had cardboard boxes against an outside wall and then a leak in my bathroom that I didn’t realize had gotten to the boxes. So now my stuff that is stored in there is in plastic bins. And I’m hoping it stays okay! If you don’t have mold on other things, I wouldn’t worry about mold.

Ok ty I have this very healthy fear of mold. A couple of years ago I made repeated trips to see my Dr. for upper respiratory infections. This is unlike me! Every time I go well it did not last long, so the Dr told me I was going to have to check my environment to see what the culprit was. I tore my house apart and recleaned even from the curtains to the rugs. To no avail, I went to shampoo the carpet in my truck and saw black stuff in there. I found more spots so I took some screws loose and sure enough mold in my floorboard. It took me 2 days to rip out the carpet in my tuck and then I bleached it thoroughly. Some months before I had a leaky heater core. Lesson learned never leave windows rolled up if there is a possibility anything is damp and mold makes me very sick.

I’m really allergic to it too. I keep forgetting to have the kids wash the windows in my room where some is on them. Scared to do it myself. It’s been there a while but since we have blackout curtains, I forget it is there. Another job for them!