Tips for beginners at rooting and reborning?

Hello again lol so i’m thinking about reborning myself some dolls bc they’re insanely expensive or at least for the ones i want, and i want to reroot and root my two babies bc one of them is missing patches of hair bc her hair was glued and i thought it was rooted and the other one her hair just came out. but i want to also sell so like what needles and mohair do i use for rooting and tips to get a realistic reborns? i’m trying to price it all.

Use the spyglass for information, there will be lots of it out there. Use “good” mohair, it will make the rooting easier and the finished baby much nicer. Your rooted hair MUST be glued inside the head in order to ‘stay in’!! I use a 43g single barb needle but you may want to start out with a larger needle with a couple more barbs like a 40g crown or ?? Don’t use a needle with 6 barbs you will have a very pluggy head of hair specially when you are a new rooter. Good Luck, rooting takes a lot of practice so don’t get discouraged if your first dolls don’t come out exactly as you wish they would, we have all struggled with rooting in the beginning. Practice, Practice, Practice!

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ok thank you! i’m thinking of practicing on my doll that i don’t play with.

which amount of barbs would be good for beginners? like 1 barbs, 2 barbs, or 3 barbs? i’m trying to get everything together now and price it.

3 barbs and somewhere between 36g and 40g sizes needle (the higher the number the smaller the needle btw) is where I’d start. Hair from KarmenDolls on Etsy is my favorite, and the cheapest for incredible quality, there’s been some shipping issues getting it from Russia though right now so it could take a bit to get to the states if that’s where you are.

You’ll want to learn how to root directionally, at an angle to the head so it lays flat, and rooting from the cut end is super important because of the way hair fiber works, if you root from the wrong end it’ll end up super frizzy. I’d recommend getting a test head and giving it a go to feel how rooting works!

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ok thank you! do you know the best method? i’ve seen a method called “root-a-loop” and thinking of using that method bc it looks like it gives decent results.

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I personally don’t root a look, I find it leaves tails with the hair shaft going in the wrong direction, I prefer to root from the cut end which I trim every now and then to make things easier

(though you’re needle should be at a close angle to the vinyl I was just trying to get a photo lol) I use a single barb needle, and pin a few hair ends between my needle and the vinyl!
Here’s a time lapse which of course might not be super helpful but hey it might! Sun And Lavender Reborns on Instagram: "Little time lapse of working on baby girls hair, back and sides are finished! Now just for the top and her Heart swirl! #rooting #rootinghair #dollhair #reroot #timelapse #dollcreator #reborndoll #hairpunching #hair #babyhair #bonniebrowncollection #rebornlevi #rebornbaby #reborndoll #rebornforsale #lifelikedoll #doll #babydoll"


I made so many mistakes when I first started reborning and I still make mistakes but I will give you some advice about rooting :grin:

I use the more expensive brands of mohair like Heike Politz and Slumberland mohair but be aware that more expensive doesn’t always mean that the mohair is the best quality of mohair out there. I fell for this when I first started reborning. I ordered a bag of mohair, it was unbranded and was made by lady that sold the mohair on eBay. For this mohair I paid $45 and it was terrible, very cheap feeling - I really struggled to root with it and of course, you don’t want mohair that is very cheap like the Chinese mohair that is about $15 on eBay as it just falls apart!

I would suggest looking for quality mohair that is made specifically for reborn doll making and do some research on the hair types before ordering some as this will save you money :grin:

Some people do not advertise whether their mohair is straight, wavy or very curly and this is a pain in the butt because I have ordered mohair thinking it was straight and the seller did not advertise whether it was or not. I have learnt from my mistakes and I have saved a lot of money from this too! Slumberland mohair has different types like kid and yearling. I now know how to identify which types of hair are curly and which types are straight before I order them :grin:

Kid mohair is the hair that I use very often, I used to use alpaca hair but I didn’t like that. Kid mohair is very fine and it is best to monoroot it which means one to two hairs per hole. Microrooting means more than two hairs per hole. This is important to remember and I would highly recommend that you watch rooting videos online as you will most likely learn some new and helpful things!

Rooting is a very intricate and time consuming process as it is but monorooting takes a very long time and you have to be patient when you root a doll as patience is the key and practise is also very important!

Avoid very cheap mohair sealant glue too as it will not seal the hair well and don’t use craft glue as I’ve seen someone use Elmer’s glue to seal their dolls hair and the hair just fell out as you would expect (this is what the cheap mohair glue will do, the hair will just be loose and it may fall out very easily)

I mainly use 42g forked felting needles for my hair but I sometimes use smaller needles depending on the hair that I am using :grin:

Keep us updated :heart:


I love that sweet baby’s skintone! You are very talented! :heart:

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thank you so much! i’ll let you know when i purchase everything and start beginning. and yep i seen how long it takes to root but i’m here for the process, high quality dolls= patience and hours of work. so excited to start soon!

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Invest in one of these bad boys, they make it sooo much easier. They zoom in everything.
You can shine a light in the head as well which may help.
Use a rice sock so it’s easier.
Hold the needle as flat as possible and root directionally.


I am in total agreement with investing in a magnifying headset like this because it really does help out A LOT - I had a lot of trouble with mono-rooting before I got one of these and I am so glad that my Dad suggested that I should get one (he is a silversmith and he uses these himself to focus on all of the tiny things that he has to work with) :grin: