Tiny Little Head... Show me you Caleb

I’ve been having this little Caleb sitting half done forever and finally finished him. He is soooo tiny. Look at this little head next to Cade Pigott.

Going to get him all put together now, but I have no baby clothes that will fit this little guy, what on earth did you all dress your Caleb’s in?


Mine wears Carter’s preemie. I still have to roll the sleeves.

I love how you did Caleb’s hair! Looks great

Very cute!

I typically make my own micro preemie stuff. Just google micro preemie patterns, either sewing or knit/crochet and you’ll find a bunch :slight_smile: If you can’t sew,knit or crochet, check etsy cause there’s typically people making tiny doll clothes
He’s super cute :slight_smile: My first reborn was Caleb and he’s so so tiny

A www! He’s super cute!!!

He is so cute !!!

Look at this diaper. So that tiny! :smiley:

I bought some nice looking doll clothes for him but still too big. Otherwise most all clothing that small is onesie type. This is next to Bigga bigga chatlotte :heart_eyes: oh and here’s a build a bear outfit, still too big!. I ordered a micro premie honey bee paci and I was obsessed with its cuteness


I made one for my niece and it was a little girl.


I got one of the outfits like this one at the link for her baby.

There are a few places on ETSY that I get outfits for small reborns.

This one was from DollClothesbyAvola - Etsy
I crochet the hat, but the gown is from the above shop.

Here is another shop I’ve purchased from. She doesn’t always have the little sleepers so you have to keep an eye out for when has them listed. She is also more expensive, but the quality of her items are great. She lists them as being for 15-17 inch dolls, but they fit the 14 inch dolls I have made. https://www.etsy.com/shop/btcrafts/items
Here is the 14inch Clover with one of the sleepers.

And here is the 14inch Jasper in a sleeper from the same shop.


The Preemie Store, Perfectly Preemie and Baby Prem all have really cute micro preemie and NICU clothing. I bought this sweet tee and matching leggings that fit her perfectly. Dolls So Real has pretty, tiny dresses.


I love your little guy!

@rainbow thank you for sharing this shop. there are some really cute items at great prices!

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I love your Caleb!

LoL I bought one of those micro preemie pacis too, they are adorable.

Ok maybe I’m going to have to find him an actual outfit, because he is just swimming in the regular preemie stuff I have here. I found some cute things from the links you guys have posted so I’m sure I’ll be able to get something for him.

These little preemies carry their own unique set of challenges, I don’t think I want to tackle any this small again. I’ve got an unfinished Rosebud I need to get done, but after that no more preemies for me lol

I like the itty bitties-except for the finger and toe nails.

You think Rosebud is bad. Try a Wee Patience. I am so done with tiny ones!!!

Rosebud isn’t so bad so far, but Caleb was another story. How big is Wee Patience? I have a Flora Mini Elf by Yulia Shaver, she’s like 8 or 9". After messing with Caleb I don’t think I’ll ever get around to painting her.

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I didn’t think Rosebud was bad either, but with you on Caleb. Wee Patience is like 9 inches… still can’t figure out how I thought that was a good idea. :rofl:

lol lol Probably the same thing I was thinking with Flora. How’d Wee Patience come out, or are you still working on her? I guess the one positive about the micro babies is that rooting goes a lot faster.

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