Tiny baby

Saw a 7 inch baby which eyes were part of the kit Wonder if they are on the baby or if you put them in.Didnt say Anyone do this before.?Might have been a Dolls by Sandi kit

Was it a fairy kit? I have seen 1 itty bitty kit that included the eyes and the eyes were not already inserted. It was a fairy kit (I think)

Yeah i was wondering the same with Marita Winters tiny ones, though she states the size of them, they’re tiny and I don’t think my fingers could do it, I have enough trouble with normal sized bubs hehe

Im not sure if it was a fairy.I thought just a baby.My hands are big athough would only take one finger maybe .The head has to be no bigger than 3 inches or so…still…This did say 7 inches and was i believe $49