Tink with 20mm Eyes

Has anyone done Tink with 20mm eyes? Or, does anyone have a Tink kit and eyes laying around that would be able to hold the eyes up to her socket to show me? I’m trying to do Tink as a twin to a preexisting doll, and that doll has two (slightly) different colored eyes. He desperately needs new eyes due to damage and I was thinking I’d just get two sets of eyes and split them between both dolls so they each have the same different colored eyes, but Tink takes 18mm. I just want to make sure she won’t look utterly ridiculous with 20mms before I order them!!

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@MilosMeadows is making a tink right now

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I used 20 mm in mine. It was a snug fit to get the eyes in but I think they look better.


Thank you SO much!! Just ordered the 20mms!!!

Also, she looks adorable so far :relaxed:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m in the process of rooting mine, mine will be a boy. What kit are you using as the twin?

I can’t wait to see him all done!! Mine is going to be a (smaller) twin to Sally by Bonnie Brown.

That’s going to be awesome! I once had a custom order for triplets of Tink,Meredith and Monkey by Bonnie Brown but it didn’t end up happening

I am wondering if the oval glass eyes would work on Tink? I normally just slip the eyes in through the front I am too scared I will cut into the face of the kit. lol

They look absolutely perfect! He is a cutie pie

Thanks :slight_smile: He’s smaller than I thought and was fairly easy to paint other than a mishap early on. This kit is lovely

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I know you like itty bitty babies so it worked out well he is a little munchkin!

Yes definitely! He’s the perfect size for sure. I actually got some nice mohair samples that would be enough to root a few micro preemies so I have more tiny babies in my future lol

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That is great! I see more hand sewing in your future :wink:.

definitely, I’m working on a bib for Tink to match his outfit right now lol I’ll pm you pics when it’s done

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Yes please!