Tina Kewy, It’s a Girl/Boy

Can anyone tell me what plugs and body style are needed for this doll? It’s so easy to find out this info with BB kits but I’m wrestling with this one. Argh!

I don’t use plugs so I can’t help with that but a 21-22" non-jointed full arm, front loading body should work.

I am currently making him, so I will take a look for plugs/rings and come back to you.


You are a life saver!

Head need 70mm ring and 35mm plug
Legs, I am not sure as I don’t have all sizes but should be 72-74mm
Arms I can’t find. 40mm is too small, 50mm too big.

Limbs don’t really need plugs, holes are too small.

21-22" body full arms full front legs should work well, maybe 3/4 legs if you prefer that style.

You can cover the limb openings with Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus.