Tickets for Rose

Does anyone know when we can start buying our tickets for Rose next year. I went to the site and I wanted to get tickets for the show and shower. Paypal only showed just one thing on my billing, Do you know if we have to purchase the tickets separately. As in: purchase a 2day pass to the show AND another ticket for the baby shower. Can they not be combined or is it too early to be buying them??? Help,

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Does anyone have an answer to this question??

I believe you can buy a combo ticket for a 2 day show pass, baby shower and awards banquet for $130.00. I don’t know when though.

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Thanks, I didn’t want a ticket to the Awards as I will be going home on Sunday, I just wanted to know if you could buy them now and if I could get the show and shower together or if they had to be purchased separatedly by PayPal?

Baby shower and gift exchange is $40. Show admission (Fri & Sat) is $25. They can be purchased separately.

I guess I’m not getting my question very clear. I tried to purchase the 2 day show pass AND the Shower ticket together on one PayPal invoice and it wouldn’t let me !!! When I would enter the 2 day pass it would DISAPPEAR the ticket for the SHOWER on the invoice. So that’s what I am asking------can I only buy the ONE event on each PayPal invoice. So in other words I have to purchase the 2 day pass as a separate purchase from the Shower ticket.

Sounds like you have to do 2 separate purchases.

Do you know if we can do them now?

It looks like you can if you order them separately. The baby shower is under Events and the 2 day pass is under Guests.

Thanks, I think I’ll go ahead and get mine tomorrow or Monday.