Tibby's Winter fun

Last week we had a major blizzard. The first in about 20 years. We had between 18-20 inches of snow. It was awesome. Of course, little Tibby had to go out and play.

Here is Tibby trying to fill her big bucket with snow.

Next, Tibby decided she wanted to climb the mountain.

She did it!!

Here’s Tibby trying to slide down the snowbank.

Kim, she looks like she had a great time! Awesome pictures!

So cute! I wish I could hug her with that big puffer coat on!

YAY! I love it when you post Tibby’s adventures…looks like she had a lot of fun!

Dont get a cold Tibby -its not fun !!!

Cousin Tibby wasn’t very happy about it. But, they sat and had some hot chocolate and then played and all is well now.

Kim - after watching the fun you are having with Tibby, I couldn’t help myself — I talked my hubby into letting me buy Tibby (a second) and while I won’t be able to put her together quickly I am going to take some time and soon I will have a fun little toddler to play with too!

I just love Tibby. They are fun to pose. I even found a little stove/sink toy for free. She has dishes and fake food.

I bought her armature at Crs crafts. Her wig is the Doris wig from BB. You will have fun.

Oh Kim - I know she will be fun. I’ve already been checking out the Goodwill and found some beautiful dresses! I found one yesterday with tags on ($54) that would fit her I’m sure so I’m going back today to get it! I love the idea of a little kitchen set. You know, I’ve just figured it all out for me…I had a baby boy …never had a baby girl and I missed out on the girly side of babies! Hah so now it’s my turn to play with Tibby. I’ll let me son know that if he doesn’t start calling me more often, she may inherit all my worldly goods!