Tibby SECONDS for only $39.99

Late last night, I purchased a seconds set of straight-legged Tibby at BB for only $39.99! I checked this morning and it is still listed so I imagine that they still have some. I figured I’d share my discovery and some of you can get in on this amazing deal. You can find her under the Today’s Deals tab.

They are gone now!!!

Sometimes there might be air bubbles or thin vinyl. Maybe a spot on the vinyl. I have never found anything that I noticed, but I don’t have their trained eye. Seconds are worth it to me.

Looks like it is available again. Go quickly!!


Well, I went quickly!! Hopefully it was quick enough. I still have to get eyes and figure out what I am going to do about an amature. I wanted to do a wig on this one, but they are expensive. But I am guessing it would take that much money or more to buy all the mohair you would need and who wants to root that big ol’ head!