Throwing out feelers....Clearance Auction Anyone?

Only other fellow hoarders will understand my pain lol. Would anyone be interested in attending a FB event I’m thinking of hosting. It would be done auction style and run for a couple of days. I have TONS of clothing I need to get rid of; new, excellent and good used condition. I’ve also got a few kits and other odds & ends I need to clear out of here. I was planning on just listing everything on my website for when it launches, but it’s taking a long time to get all these photos and descriptions up, so I thought the auction would be a better way to go. If there is enough interest, I’ll get started on posting and start the auction on Sunday or Monday. What do you all think?


May I ask what kits you have? I will absolutely pass the information on through FB if you’d like. I think this is a great idea. I’ve never done it before so I don’t have any tips on how to do it best.

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I haven’t sorted through everything yet to make a final decision , but so far aria, sailor rose, flora mini elf, some BB kits (not sure which ones I’ll list yet), limb sets (BB and non BB), some floating heads, and probably a couple kewy kits. It will mostly be clothing though, as that’s what’s hogging up the most space in my craft room, and I’ve got entirely too much of it.


Awesome auction, thanks I had a good time!

@DancesWithDolls I got my order today, now Riley has more clothes YAY! The dinosaur diapers were a nice touch and will look good on her twin when I make him. Thank you!

Hold up! I missed it… :frowning: What’s your FB so I don’t miss it next time?

So glad everything arrived fast and you’re happy with it. Thank you for coming. I’m planning another after the holidays, probably sometime mid January. I’ll keep you posted

and this is my nursery page Redirecting...

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