Thrift store bargain!

I was able to purchase these adorable sweaters at the Goodwill yesterday. What an awesome deal!!
I only paid $2.50 each! 20190331_113525|375x500


Very cute! Great deal!

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Sweaters are so expensive that is a great bargain, I find they make the babies look more snuggly in them too😍


I agree. I see a lot of the babies on here in sweater outfits and they do look so snuggly. I just could not resist.

Great find!

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That was a great deal! I wish they hadn’t taken the baby section out of our Goodwill. I used to get all kinds of stuff there.

I love Goodwill! Those are really cute!

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I find some great deals at Goodwill, but you hit the baby sweater jackpot! :grinning:

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