Ok i ordered a custom on Feb 23…on March 1 she says he is done and sends me pics of him…told her he looks good and she says ok…well then on March 12 she sends me a message saying she is sorry and sends me a pic of his head falling off and stuffing coming out his neck and his limbs falling off and asks me if i want him like this or do i want her to try to fix him…i told her he is a gift so fix him or i want a refund…she says it wasn’t her fault, that she does not like bountiful baby kits and they don’t work! I have a baby girl from bountiful baby done by another artist and she is great…my question…how long should i give for her to get back to me on progress?

Is it the same kit? There could be something on your kit that cost a little more? The outfit, eyes, etc.

I got the price straightened out and now she is giving me up and down updates on my progress…see my edit on the post

Fixing a doll whose limbs & head are coming off should take no longer than an hour. All the artist needs to do is replace the zip ties. Have you heard anything since March 12?


No nothing from her since March 12

I’d send her a friendly email.

Fixing the limbs and head back on is an extremely easy thing to do. I wonder how she even did that in the first place, though. What explanation did she give you?

She told me she didnt know what happened…and when i mentioned a refund she got all panicked and was like no ill fix him…she kinda blamed the kits by bountiful baby but like i said i have a girl from another artist from bountiful baby and that doll kit looks great

There’s no way it just fell apart. Bountiful baby actually has great quality kits. Sometimes better than other companies.
If it just fell apart it’s because she didn’t attach it properly.
I’d be wary of foul play, if I were you.


I never reborn BB kits, BUT they attach like any other doll kit, and take a minute to attach with the correct cable tie… Please be careful, this sounds really fishy to me


Thats what i am thinking too…i am gonna send her a email asking on an update and if she still wont give me a straight answer or an update i am going to file a complaint with PayPal…its a gift for my daughter and if this artist cant or wont do the doll i will get a refund and find someone else who is able to…like i said…ill email her 1 more time but after that i have no choice but to file a complaint

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And she should use plugs or seal the holes any way. Nothing should come out of the limbs and head.
No respectable reborn artist would say ‘fix it yourself’ for something that takes a few minutes.
Sounds like another bad case of ‘customs’ scam to me.


Even if she doesn’t use plugs, polyfill doesn’t just fall out.
Kinda sketchy if you ask me.


I just emailed her 1 more time…if i dont get any update or a straight answer im going to file a complaint with PayPal…she will leave me with no choice

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I would offer to send her some zip ties and send her a YouTube link on how to attach limbs.

She had posted multiple photos of. Her work so she should be able to attach limbs…im now thinking those pics were not her work if she is complaining about a simple task



Here is the pic she sent me after telling me he was done…not sure if u can see the stuffing by his neck

If you don’t mind me asking: what so custom can be about sleeping baby?
Do you want to buy my sleeping Logan (already made)?


You might want to ask for some close-ups of the face, feet, hands. It doesn’t look like there are any eyelashes and not sure about the lip color. Doesn’t look like much color for creasing either. I agree if she is doing a custom then she should know how to put it together correctly.


YelenaRey. If i can get the refund for this baby then i may be interested in your Logan yes…he is beautiful!

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