Thoughts? New sculpt

What do you think of my sculpt any honest opinionsUploading… would be greatly appreciated


Are you working over an armature?

Just aluminium foil

Not bad!! I like the nose (I have the hardest time sculpting noses for some reason).

I’m not an expert by any means so it’s hard for me critique since I don’t feel like I’m qualified to give advice, but I think he needs more “baby fat” and perhaps the indentions above the eyelids are too deep? Also maybe a little more fat around the bottom of the cheeks. I have found that round cheeks help my sculpts look more baby-ish.

One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that the upper lip (I’m referring to the part between the nose and top lip) is flat and should be raised out:

Hope this is useful to some degree :heart:


Thanks so much will make some changes and keep you updated

That part between the nose and mouth is called the philtrum (or filtrum, I’m too lazy to look up the spelling.) anyway is is a really important part to sculpt. The one in the picture curves out and then in. On some babies it is concave. It also changes depending on how the lips are being held. The baby in the picture has what we mostly call a “suck-y lip”. The baby is sort of tucking it in and sucking on it. That causes the philtrum to curve down. This little bit of sculpting can add a lot of expression to the babies face. It seems like a little thing, but it’s not. Some babies have a deep philtrum Some have a flatter one. (babies with fetal alchohol syndrome barely have any depth to their filtrum. Some babies have a lot of space between the nose and mouth and some have very little. Seemingly small details can have a lot of impact. My tip for you is to look at a lot, and I mean a lot, of babies and pictures of babies. Study philtrums, ears, profiles, cheeks. If you enjoy drawing, draw them. Get to know all these features intimately. You’ll love the result!


Oh yeah, armature… you might want to try working over a commercially available armature. They aren’t expensive, and they help keep you on track for positioning your features. Aluminum foil will work, but shaping it and smoothing it is difficult. Let’s ask Izzy what she uses.

@izzy Hey kiddo, what do you suggest for a head armature? Do you make your own now, or start with a commercial one?

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Sculpting looks so much easier than it is. I envy you ladies who can do it. I can’t offer advice but it looks to me like you are off to a good start. Keep going!

Thank you for posting. I enjoy watching your artwork grow.

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I like Pat Moulton’s skull armature! I go up a size, they run small.

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It sounds like you’re buying shoes! LOL