Thoughts about losing the forum

We are all in shock about the potential for closing this forum. First, I think Mr. Pratt is thinking out loud at a time when businesses are financially stressed and he is looking how to proceed in this climate. He is very kind to share his thoughts with us. I do not think he is overly concerned about a topic going off the rails, as it is obvious that everyone quickly got back on track. But financially, that is a different story.

It seems to matter to him that those on the forum are customers as this helps pay the forum’s expenses. Many of you state that you would be willing to pay a fee to continue on the forum. I feel that way too and maybe that would solve his concern and the forum could continue.

I notice that not all forum members are customers for various reasons. What ties members is the desire to create a unique, creative and caring community. That cannot happen on FB.

So… I would like your most humble opinion about participants who are not (or not yet) customers of BB.

In my case I am a doll collector who loves to see artistic interpretations of each reborn. It inspires me to create clothing for reborns via a textile art that is rapidly disappearing (thread crochet). For several years I made clothes for my sister, a supreme doll artist. She said that my creations were like icing on a cake, like a beautiful frame on an exquisite painting. But now I want to share my talent with the whole reborn community.

Would I not be included among you because I am not yet a BB customer? Or would you exclude me because I do not reborn dolls, but rather dress them? Several of you have said that the forum should only be for customers that reborn dolls. That makes me sad for then I have no where to go, no way to stay in contact with the art I love, no way to seek inspiration.

What do you think?


I cannot speak for everybody, but I would not want to say goodbye to people like @RebornsbyZebra @MilosMeadows and many other valuable, contributing members who are outside of the US and unable to order from BB due to the costs of international shipping.

I also see the value of members such as yourself, who may not be painting dolls but who are definitely offering wonderful accoutrements for artists to showcase their work as pleasingly as possible.

I don’t know whether Nevin has any concrete plans regarding the fate of the forums at this point. I am however, very grateful to him for voicing his concerns as opposed to simply making a decision that would potentially leave us without a place to gather. I only hope that he will return to the announcement thread he created, see the response, and discuss further what we can all do together to save the forums.


Thank you…I really dont know what I will do if this forum is not here or I am not allowed to access it. I am also willing to pay a monthly fee. Ive been very down since I read this post.


I’m thinking it is more of a business decision as a business there are other better free ways for them to reach their desired customer base via Facebook and Instagram YouTube etc. the forum used to be the way to spread the word in the doll community. Although I’m always shocked at the posts made by bb in social media as it is way to blah imo, there is no connection to anyway. Responses to IG posts seem very robotic and canned. Ie; check out our store, sign up for notifications, etc no personality that I see bubbling over from staff here or in the blooper video for example and box opening videos.

I would love to have a space set aside in the forum for “vendors” like @Debdi because if there is one thing everyone loves to do almost as much as reborning it’s shopping for babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and it truly is hard to find quality items from people you can actually talk to and ask questions about what they are selling. I have been trying to buy a high hair for a photo prop through Facebook marketplace and people just don’t respond to messages or are so whack a doodle they respond at 3 am two days later then again at 7am and tell me since I didn’t respond item sold
At 8am eek


I would not be where I am at without the forum. So many amazing and supportive people. I wouldn’t even be able to name everyone. @snuggle2me and @kareninflorida supported me when I had no idea what I was doing. All the smiles and laughter from @Nikkiroc, all the help from @jlesser, @DollyPardon @jeanhai @specialmoments and the list goes on. Made a best friend @HouseofDolls and it’s just been a fun 3 years. It’s just not enough space to even name everyone!!!

I love seeing everyone’s BEAUTIFUL babies. They all have something special about them. I took down social media but always love coming here. We do have differences and I think sometimes politics and religion have to be left off but we are such a great community. Seeing wip makes me motivated. You will always have your negative people but you learn to brush them off and keep going. Dolls on the other hand are forever :heart:


I suppose it could be, but BB has always been good to their customers as long as I’ve been buying from them. I feel like maybe there’s more to it. When everything started going haywire on Daves site, Nevin was looking into introducing a BB selling site. Looking into introducing a new additional feature is a far cry from removing an existing, useful, and loved feature though.


Ah but that’s business idea that he would have made money from. Charging a monthly fee to sell.


I agree with @TrinityCrystal. There are many members like yourself that are not customers for various reasons, but are valuable contributors to our community. There does need to be some criteria for membership though.

Verified customers and fees are two ways to do it that will generate income for BB. Now that it has been put out there and endorsed by many, I cannot imagine that Nevin could ignore the suggestion. Of course, trouble makers can always buy a small amount of product or pay the fee and do what they have always done.

I believe that the best course of action is to make some trusted users moderators. Some have been nominated and they could be voted for if they want to accept the job. This does not generate income, but it could alleviate the headache of having to adjudicate petty squabbles and it would not drive off potential new customers that use the forum as a giant product review/instruction manual.

Perhaps we might do well to either move most chatter to the “Off Topic” area or convert more of the categories to “member only” or “premium.” Some categories that could be considered a privilege to access could be the Reborn Tips and Questions, Tutorials, and Trading Post. It would take a moderator to ensure that the the appropriate posts stayed in the appropriate categories. It would also increase traffic to those different areas, which would justify the cost of keeping up such an extensive forum.

Sorry if it is kind of rambly. I guess I am the one thinking out loud now.


I hope something would give here. I love seeing your crochet baby clothes. They are absolutely gorgeous, @Debdi.

Back at you, @Estelle85. :kissing_heart:


I would not be where I am today in my reborning journey if not for this forum. So safe to say I will be extremely sad if it is shut down


This is a warm, friendly, forum. Not like others out there. I am a member of several. I don’t visit them that often. I always come here. A lot of us have learned so much from friends here.

I don’t think this is anything that should worry us. He did say if he made any major decision he would notify us in plenty of time to go else where. I don’t know where, but else where. I really haven’t given it much thought. Mr. Pratt spoke his feelings on the matter, he said he had not made any decision either way, and again, that he will let us know in plenty of time if he does. So for me, I am not going to worry about it right now. I do hope it continues, just to be clear. :slight_smile: If not for BB I would not even be able to purchase kits and such. And this BB Forum is, like everything else they do, the best!


I am now an official bonafide customer!


I did not know this was potentially going to happen. I would absolutely hate to see this forum go!!! I don’t do FB or any other social media sites. I just don’t like them. I love seeing all the talent on here, the love for each other’s work! Here anyone can get honest help that doesn’t destroy self esteem! Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and BB has stability preventing a shut down of the forum. I’m behind you BB, I’ve only ordered from you and plan to continue this!! We’re in this together!!


I think that if fees were added in would turn away some of the people who want to learn how to reborn or people who are very new to this. It would definitely help their business but I personally would not know nearly as many things as I do now if it was not for this forum.


Oh dear! What did you buy???


Haha! I bought girly diapers for my newborns. I probably will buy a boy realborn kit for my sister to reborn for me. I guess now the only issue is whether you all will accept an “ancillary doll person” to join you. I can’t help with questions on reborning, but I am a supportive person and care deeply for people. And I feel most at home in a creative environment.


Ohhhh there ya go!!! Perfect!

And of course you are welcome here. You’ll probably be able to answer a lot of the questions after awhile lol I’ve noticed some are the same. We really do need a pinned FAQ for new reborn artists

#1 which is better air dry or heat set
#2 what’s the difference between air dry and heat set paint
#3 can I use Apple barrel, americana, folk art paint for reborning?
#4 can I bake kits in my oven or do I need a special oven
#5 will this oven work?
#6 how do I varnish?
#7 how do I strip
#8 what’s the best mohair
#9 what’s the difference between felting needles?
#10 do I need to do anything special to care for mohair?
#11 mottling sponges
#12 painted hair
#13 weighting dolls - sand vs glass beads etc

These are just a few of my first questions I had when I started :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If I didn’t have this forum I never would have even bought from BB! I wouldn’t have known about their good deals and such because I’m in Europe and never thought to look overseas.
I also think people often convince each other to buy an extra kit or supplies from BB. Or we’ll do challenges with BB kits, making people buy another kit. So this forum actually does generate income for BB, in a roundabout way. I’m not sure if they realize that.


Exactly my thoughts @deedee2413 If not for this forum I would not be a customer anymore. Closing it would be like a slap in the face of all the reborners who buy stuff from them and actually bring business to them. I am in Canada, but I enjoy BB kits and supplies. I will go away if I have to pay a membership or go on Facebook. On top of the high minimum order and shipping cost, it would be to high.
I always have the feeling that BB care about us but I may be wrong.
On the other hand I thing he is just struggling with the actual crise and looking for a way to cut expenses.

As for allowing only customer, that’s a non sense to me. They are not the majority and they bring valuable information and point of view about reborn customer side. And beautiful clothing…:slightly_smiling_face:


I am on a new journey attempting an ethnic baby with Waterborne air dry paints. I cannot find any tutorials out there yet. I don’t have FB. I rely on all artists here for help. Thank you all for your support. I don’t know what I would do without you.