Thought this was a cute idea

Saw this on Facebook, and loved the idea! Belly buttons! :slight_smile: How would you go about making these? Does anyone have experience in buying the fabric from B.B. wondering if it’ll match most tan bodies?


I think it’s so cute! Does that person sell them?

Doesn’t appear so. Seems like they’re just starting the idea.

I like it!

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I like it cute idea

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Awwww…reminds me of the days when we’d make soft sculpture dolls like Cabbage Patch. I always loved doing belly buttons :blush:


I have done that to a few of my babies.

not a very good pic


The doe suede fabric from BB is exactly the same as the bodies purchased from them. One yard makes several bodies, depending on size.

Awesome! Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :hugs: