Those that painted Alexis

Has anyone noticed a weird wart looking thing on Alexis’ hand? It’s right under her pointer finger near her thumb. I can’t believe I just now noticed it! I opened a ticket at Mac’s but was just curious if it is something that is on all Alexis kits or I just got a bunk one :frowning: Because of the angle it’s difficult to get to show up in photos, but it’s a raised thing, it really looks like a wart I don’t know how else to describe it. It doesn’t seem like I can easily cut it out, file it down, etc… it doesn’t feel solid underneath, if I lift it a little on the side there’s a hole beneath, so I think removing it will leave a huge hole in her hand. I’m so over using vinyl putty this year!


It is part of the kit.

Some have successfully cut it off…

Others (me) cut it off and ended up making a tiny hole that I then had to fix. :confused:


And many didn’t do anything…

There is the whole another thread somewhere about it.


I have cut it out carefully with success.

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Ok thank you guys. I’m probably just going to leave it and let the buyer know it’s a sculpt defect. I don’t want to attempt to remove and repair since I’m already pretty far into painting. I didn’t notice it either in my last Alexis but I’d bet money it was there!


I cut mine off successfully. Posted about it on the other thread

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