Thomas asleep/awake

Has anybody else noticed that little Thomas asleep and Thomas awake have different arms. This is great so now we can make more convincing twins with the realborn kits! I may be mistaken but from the blank kit images I’m almost 100% sure they’re different.

Hmm…I just noticed that! Awake Thomas has one finger sticking out slightly, Where asleep Thomas has his all his fingers tucked into his palms. And some other slight differences in the positions of fingers

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I think BB clarified that the limbs are different on each sculpt. When Presley first came out we had discussions about it and if I recall correctly, the limbs are different on each doll and different between the awake and sleeping of the sculpt.

I have both Asher’s Awake and Asleep here, And their limbs are the exact same.

Maybe I am wrong and it’s just different between babies. My memory is not what it used to be. :blush:

I think that each baby has his/her own limbs. I don’t know why the other’s limbs would be the same for both awake and asleep, and Thomas’s would be different

Hopefully BB continues to make different limbs for awake/asleep versions. I just love that feature.

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You are correct. I don’t know how to link it but I found the post in Sept '14 where we were talking about it and Emily clarified that each baby had their own limbs, but the awake and asleep version shared limbs. I also pulled out my two Presley’s and the are identical.

I think Thomas is the first Realborn with different limbs, but yes, they’re different, which is great!

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Yes. I have to believe BB keeps tabs on the forum for ideas from us that they can do to make us happy. I think people have suggested they would like more variations in the limbs and, lo and behold, we have them. Bountiful Baby is just incredible in their customer service in so many ways!


I agree!

BB customer service is outstanding. They really go out of their way to make their customers happy!