Thistle finished

I coudn’t stand a hairless piglet its just not right. So I rooted her and painted her like real little piggys are. Now I’m happy.



I’m not a huge fan of the animal kits but, you’ve made me think twice! Yours is precious!!! Love the hair! It really added to the cuteness and realism!!! :pig::pig_nose::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you!:footprints:

What a cutie!

I am so in love with this piglet!

She is so cute, good job and I love the hair!!

Aw, she is so cute! :blush:

My gosh how adorable

Very cute!! My fav so far💓

So cute, Sheila!


She’s cute!

Wait can I post?? She’s adorable!

Thank you ladies, I wasn’t really a piglet person, though:smile: but nikki was making one for her Mum and I thought i’d buy pre painted. If you buy one get the un painted, the painting was terrible I stripped mine and started over, then it looked naked so rooted mohair and sealed it. turned into a real project by the time I was happy, oh well it was fun.

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Yes! I thought I could finish in a day, lol it took me forever to paint the hair! Piglets are quite a project!

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I bought a pre painted thistle piglet… She does feel naked but i still think she is cute :smiley:

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They are so cute. Got one too but every time the body is in stock I have no money. . .one day!

Iknow, I saw the body and charged it and the next day it was out of stock again. I had finished Thistle over a month ago but no body.i had to wait twice once when I ordered her and then when I finished her. Its a bummer not to have dolly dollars.


Yup Nikki It was time consuming to paint all those hairs and then I wanted real hair so onward again. I didn’t think it would take that long either, but more than a day for sure.

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