This was scary

Yesterday I took my friend to a doctor appointment. We went to lunch afterwards. About halfway through lunch there was a loud bang and screams from the other side of the restaurant. My friend’s son thought it was an earthquake. I thought it was a gunshot, thanks to this violent world we live in. A car had driven through the side of the restaurant, right into one of the booths where two people were sitting. The table of the booth was upright against the window. One of the seats was thrown about 5 ft into the room. The other was turned sideways. The basket with the condiments was thrown halfway across the room. There was broken glass everywhere. The woman was hurt, but thankfully not critically. The man said he was okay. I’m not sure about the driver. I won’t be sitting by windows near parking lots in restaurants anymore.


Oh my gosh, SCARY and so crazy! YIKES!!! :open_mouth:

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Oh my goodness how terrifying! So sorry you had to be there for that!

I am so sorry that happened- what a scary thing! I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to be inside any restaurant for a while! I’m so glad everyone got out alive!

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Oh wow, that’s awful! It’s very scary to witness something like that. Thank God nobody was seriously hurt!! Situation like that makes you want to only have meals delivered!!

That’s so scary and awful!!! I’m so glad you were not hurt!!!

Wow that is terrifying!

Wow!! So glad you’re safe. I think we all forget how quickly life can change. Very scary!!

Wow, that is scary :flushed::open_mouth:glad you and everyone else is ok

Good lord!:open_mouth:

Oh my! I am glad you are safe.

Ohhh… that IS scary.

That had to be terrifying!!

Oh my goodness, freaky accident and so scary! I’m sure glad you were elsewhere in the building and that the people at the table that was hit survived. I’m positive they won’t sit next to windows any more either!

That is crazy! I wonder if the person was having some health scare, seizure or heart attack or something, I can’t even imagine that happening! So glad you are safe❤️

I don’t know anything about the driver, but I had an experience (only one time) where I took my foot off the brake and the car just sped up on it’s own-fast. Very fortunate that there was nothing/no one in front of me. It’s sometimes driver error, but not always.


Thank God that you were safe and the other people were not hurt badly.

I’m glad you are okay and no one was super seriously injured. You just never know, do you? Scary for sure!