This video was so sweet

(hope you don’t mind me sharing this) Girls open parcel with surprise reborn dolls. - YouTube
@westernstarr I was watching some box openings on youtube and came across this one. it was so sweet. the girls were so gentle with their babies. :smile: I heard them say they were made by starr and I went “hey I know her! she’s on the BB forum!”
Has anybody else gotten sweet videos like this? I’d love to see them :smile:


Aww how sweet is that !

Thanks Sierra, They are such little sweeties…The young father use to work for us in our Real Estate business. We sold our 2 businesses (Real Estate Office and I had a gift shop as well) and moved away back in Dec 2009…We got news (around April 2014) that his wife had passed away in 2013 so I did the dolls for the girls as a surprise…They are the sweetest family…I was heartbroken when I heard that their mother had passed…I just couldn’t imagine how they must have felt and I wanted to do something special for them…They use to come into my gift shop and cuddle the dolls I had in there so that is why I thought about doing the babies for them…I cried the first time I saw the video posted on Youtube…


That is too sweet!

Twinkle Twinkle Western Starr
What a wonder, yes you are.
Your kindness there for all to see.
I wish you lived next door to me!


I love you Helen…You just made me cry…literally…Thank you for that!! You are beautiful! :smile:


Oh my goodness. You are so kind to do that, those babies must’ve comforted those girls tremendously. Thank you for sharing the story behind it. I hope they’re all doing well.

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You have such a big heart, Starr. :heart: