This Tibby! Wow!

Wow! Did y’all see this?! I never imagined Tibby looking so amazing! :heart_eyes:


She’s gorgeous!

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she is a very talented artist!


She is, I follow her on Instagram.

Love her !!!

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She really is a beautiful Tibby. I know I have seen a few on here and most are not happy with the way theirs turned out. But this one is an exception.

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Oh wow she’s beautiful!

She’s stunning!

How cute! This one is my favorite. Not my pic.



She’s super cute, too.

Love this artist’s work💕


I get emails when she has a new doll available. If I was not moving I would definitely buy Tibby as she is just adorable.

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I agree with @Estelle85 and @Blushingbeautyreborn this artist is incredible!

Im thinking maybe I should start only painting larger kits…I will try and weed out my smaller ones. I just do better with larger ones, over 22 inches, and they sell far better. I think we all have our own thing and our own style that we excel at.


I like that she chose different limbs, too. Beautiful Tibby!

It’s hard to believe that this is Tibby. Someone did an amazing job on her.

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Oh my goodness! Jaw dropping isn’t she!

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Makes me want to dig mine out

oh my goodness, she is so beautiful. i wish i could adopt her.

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I’ve been a fan of Anna’s work for years. She is one super talented artist! Love what she has done with this kit. Changing the limbs was a fantastic idea.

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Whose limbs did she use?