This new clay

is driving me INSANE! And I thought Super Sculpey was bad lol. I’m so bummed cause I’ve heard such good things about the new clay I just got–Living Doll. But right out of the package it was waaaay too smushy. Like marshmallow soft. Just holding a ball of clay in my hand makes indents all over the place. I tried a test mini and just gently smoothing the clay left me with a misshapen blob instead of a head.

Looks like I’ll be spending the next few days leaching out the clay instead of sculpting like I’d hoped. It’s in the fridge for now but that’s only a temporary fix. :confused: Is there a perfect clay out there??

I have bought the Prosculpt…I heard it was great and did not crack as easily. Was recommended by a lady that does OOAK Clay dolls regularly but I have not used it yet myself though I bought 3 pks of it about a year ago…(Just haven’t had time to do anything with it) I had heard that the Living Doll clay was a bit soft but never tried it so can’t comment on that one…


I’m enjoying ProSculpt although it’s a little warm in my house right now for sculpting. I got my tools organized and bought a head form. I have two packages of clay, but now i read that with these head forms you are supposed to either cover them in foil or seal them somehow and that this helps avoid cracking. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. Any tips, Izzy? I think you use the foam forms though, don’t you? I am using the hard vinyl ones. You probably don’t have to do that with the foam forms because they shrink away from the sculpt, but I think the hard ones expand a bit? Maybe?

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i’ve used the hard vinyl secrist ones. I didn’t cover them with anything, and I didn’t get any cracks. :slight_smile: I heard that Prosculpt cracks and moonies easily. But it seems to be the most popular. :confused:


So it’s the oils that cause the cracking?

Yes, that’s what I meant when I said ‘leaching.’ :slight_smile: I’m currently doing that to several sheets right now. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard lots of different reasons for cracking. The clay’s uneven, it’s too thick, it’s too thin, it’s too dry, the brand just tends to crack, etc.

The problem with this clay I’ve got is that the excess oil is making it too soft, and impossible to sculpt details into.

Yeah, I understand. I’ve used clays like that. I’m glad you warned me because I was going to try that one next and I actually prefer a stiffer clay…one you can carve into and it will hold it’s shape. I
like working with the prosculpt but if it cracks easily that won’t work out so well in the long run. Have you tried Cernit, Izzy? I have thought about that too.

I’ve heard Cernit is super hard…you might need a pasta machine for that. I would try maybe just baking a small ball of Prosculpt around a ball of aluminum foil and see how it holds up.

I like hard clay! And I have a pasta machine! So maybe I’ll try Cernit next if I don’t like Pro Sculpt and if I can even sculpt anymore, and if I want to do another one after my first…etc. excuses.

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@izzy, I just read your blog you have and I really like it. Your pics of the baby you were making are great. You do really nice work with clay~ I think you need to post it and share with the ladies that may not have had the opportunity to see it.

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