This might sound absolutely insane, but

I think the answer to my question of whether or not to bring my reborns to college might actually be manufactured dolls! NOT Chinese knock-offs, but dolls from Ashton Drake and Paradise Galleries. I bought a Su-Lin doll on Black Friday for 50 bucks, and she’s pretty cute! She’ll definitely be my “travel baby.” She’s not hyper-realistic so she won’t attract negative attention, and if someone steals her, I’m not put hundreds of dollars! Plus, no one will be horrified when I tell them how much she cost.

She’s not a 100% substitute for reborns, and neither is my old Ashton Drake from high school… but she is great for cuddling! Once I graduate, I’ll be sure to go back to supporting artists directly. Until then, my silicones and reborns will stay safe at home!

Does anyone know of any other places to get realistic-ish babies? Please let me know! :blush:


Masterpiece dolls

I love Special Edition Berenguers. Very lifelike.

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I’ve seen some adorable babies at Walmart! I don’t know if you’re into it but I also love Steiner dolls (lots on etsy( and cabbage patch. They are just cute and a little different

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I think it’s a great idea to bring a Paradise Galleries baby! I collect reborns and silicones but also have a collection of Paradise Galleries babies and I’m expecting my first Ashton Drake (silicone Tasha). I still love the manufactured dolls even though I collect the artist dolls :slight_smile: Here is a photo of my favorite PG babies… Bon Appetit, Bamboo and Baby Mei.


That’s so great to hear! Your babies are adorable :smile:

Aw, they look adorable! :slight_smile: