This Little Piggy

I spent this Saturday painting with my Graddaughter and here is our little piggy.


So cute!

Thank you

OMGoodness, I love his hairdo!!! Really cute, great job!!! Is he a Christmas gift?

Yes he is for my new nephew. Sorry the pictures aren’t very good, it’s dark now.



Love it…so adorable… :smile:

cute :slight_smile: nice to see the all different piggy’s. oh boy somebody is going to love this piglet.

Aw you did a nice job on him! First pig I’ve seen with rooted hair and I like it! :slight_smile:

Awwwww…he’s so cute…!!..very lucky nephew…!!.:purple_heart:

Thank you all so much.

Very cute, well done!:pig::heart:

Aw, he’s awesomely cute x

Awe he is adorable … . I want to do one , but can’t decide which one I want !!!

Awe how cute! Been thinking about these little piggies and trying to decide if I really want to paint one or not. They are so cute!