This is Jake?

@cajuncuties here u go! Thanks Jessica!

Looks like he could make a good twin for Willow Flower.


Thanks Jessica - I just posted that auction on the other thread about Jake. I think the eyes are set a bit “wonky”, but I love the mouth!


I just wrote that about him on my thread…lol.

He looks a lot like Willow in the face, but a different mouth. The hands and feet appear to have lots of detailing from what I can see. It says that he has 3/4 legs, but they look full in the pics. If not, then they probably could be used on a front load body.
I don’t particularly like the way she set the eyes. Plus, he needs more lashes. I am not a fan of rooted lashes on open-eyed babies. It never seems to be enough on most of them. Lashes really soften the eyes and change the whole look of the reborn.
All in all, a bit disappointed he isn’t a sleeper.