This is a must have IMO

I just bought an illuminated headset magnifier. It’s amazing for eyebrows, capillaries, milia tand rooting eyelashes and hair. Everything is SOOO EASY to see. Once you try it you won’t know how you ever did without it. I bought mine on Amazon for $8.33 + shipping.


I have such a hard time seeing doing those things can u sent me a link to it and does it have a light on it as well?


This one? @jeanhai
Or this one?

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Thank you

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Deb, I have the one in the first link and LOVE it!!! :heartpulse:


Cute! :sunglasses:

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I bought the 2nd one. It has two levels of magnification (one flips up if you don’t need it), a jeweler’s loupe and an adjustable angle light. I like it so much I’m thinking of ordering a second one as a backup in case something should happen to this one.